Welcome to the Gaming journal of Crainey. On this journal I will jot down my feelings regarding the going-ons in gaming as a whole. I’m an avid follower of the Gaming Industry as a whole whilst being the Editor-in-Chief of an eSports organisation “Definitive-eSports” (D-eSports.com). Suffice to say as an EIC I have an opinion on just about everything and I’m not afraid to express it, this is one of the places you can expect me to express the majority of this stuff, some of the stuff I can’t write on a professional site such as D-eSports.com. One of my favourite gaming sites is Rock Paper Shotgun, I really love their work and especially like to follow the Indie game scene, something that RPS does very well to support. Whilst I’m not much of a Facebook user I am always using Twitter and have used Steam through0ut my Teenage life.




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